Care Instructions

Your shoes are wearable pieces of art and should be handled with more care than your typical shoes in order.

  1. Do not wash your shoes! This could cause the paint to chip or crack.
  2. Try to keep your shoes out of direct sunlight, especially for longer periods of time. Direct sunlight may lead to the paint cracking.
  3. Avoid putting your shoes in any place with moisture or excessive humidity.
  4. Your shoes need to breathe. Store them in a dry and aerated place with very little humidity.
  5. We only use Water-Proof Angelus Shoe Leather Paints to custom paint your shoes. However, we recommend you avoid wearing your shoes outside in the rain.
  6. Avoid wearing your shoes when going for some strenuous physical activity or when you know you’ll be out for a long time.
  7. Please keep your shoes away from Acetone and other Harsh Chemicals.
  8. We highly recommend using Angelus Sneaker Cleaning Products as they are safe to use on Angelus Paints.

Please refer to or you can contact us directly.