We, at Sneak No More, present to you Freedom 15 – our first and very important collection! Well, it is important for many reasons, but primarily it is a celebration of India and the core ideologies with which our country is built.

What started with the idea of offering sneakers as a canvas for promoting Indian art-forms globally, transformed into a metamorphosing journey of discovery. Discovery of the trials and tribulations these unsung artists face each day, and the work we have to put in, to change this. Understanding how difficult it is for them to earn minimum wage, watching them adapt to keep up with modern aesthetics, and feeling their desolation about lack of opportunities, fanned the flame we had lit within us. 

Can you imagine how we reached our artists? No, we did not find them in the nearest mall, nor were they available with a quick online search. We had to dive deep, and how! Fortunately, this hurdle reinforced our belief in what we had set out to achieve. The deeper we had to delve into villages, and tribal communities to locate these artists, the stronger we resolved to bring them into the forefront. When craftspeople like these stand under the limelight, the talent echoes across continents, because art is a language that has no boundaries.

And when we, today’s consumer, support such artists, we become an integral part of their story of freedom. Freedom from struggle, freedom from fear, and freedom from insecurity about their future. Instead, we help set forth the growth of not just that one artist, but their generations to come.

So, we are here to change the game. Are your sneakers on?