Lalit Soni

Imagine you are 12 and instead of playing with your friends, you are sitting with your father, working and reworking on canvas after canvas – painting, till you get it right. For Lalit Soni, an artist from Udaipur, this was his childhood. Not complaining, just contemplating, Lalit ji explains to us, how his Guru, his father, taught him the most important lesson in life – Persistence is key. He insists it is this guidance that helped him become the fearless artist he is today.

He started working as an apprentice, copying paintings from catalogues, watching master artists, and observing the compositions they created. Then using his imagination, keen eye-for-detail, and continuous practice over decades, he not only developed a unique skill set, but also imparted this learning to his students.   

Be it bangles, wooden boxes, marble plates, or cotton and silk fabrics, canvas, paper, and shoes; Lalit ji has transformed each of these products into masterpieces with his handiwork. Flawlessly moving his brush, and bringing out the details in miniature paintings of palaces, royal processions, royal courts or durbaars, waterfalls, jungle safaris, and mountains, his voice brims with passion when describing what he loves to paint.

The fascinating manner in which Lalit Soday heaps praises on his contemporaries gives us the hope that no technology can ever replace art! Art is here to stay until the day it brings a dreamy look in an onlookers’ eyes; art is here to survive until there are storytellers like Lalit ji who think in colours - art is here to thrive. Period.