Pick Up Information

Once your order is confirmed, our team will immediately dispatch your 'Sneak Pack'.
The Sneak Pack contains:
1. 1 x Instruction Card
2. 2 x Safety Tags
3. 1 x Shoe Box
4. 1 x Courier Cover.

Please follow the instructions on the card and keep your package ready for a free pick-up.
Our delivery partner will arrive on your preferred pick-up date.

Our team will email you a shipping label. Can't take a print out of the shipping label? No worries!

Our delivery partners will take care of that and ensure your pair of shoes reaches our headquarters safely.

Please Note your brand new shoes are the blank canvases for our artists to create something extraordinary. Keeping that in mind, we will not accept used, dirty shoes with any sign of being worn.

If the sneakers do not match our requirements, they will be returned and your order will be refunded. A handling fee of Rs.500 will be charged.